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If its not sweet, it not us!

Meet the owner Arlene.

Sweet to Di Belly is your go-to Jamaican restaurant, proudly owned by Arlene, a local woman hailing from the heart of Jamaica. Our journey began when Arlene received a divine message that set the course for our unique establishment. God spoke to her in a dream telling her to, “Give them ice cream,” and from that moment, her passion for delivering both traditional Jamaican fare and adult ice cream flavors was ignited.

Our Jamaican Heritage: At Sweet to Di Belly, we’re deeply rooted in our Jamaican heritage. Arlene brings with her the rich traditions of Jamaican cuisine, blending time-honored recipes with innovative culinary creations. Every dish is prepared with love and authenticity, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience that transports you directly to the shores of Jamaica. From jerk chicken to salt fish, our offerings are a true taste of the Caribbean.

“If it’s not sweet, it’s not us”: Our restaurant is not just known for savory delights but also for our adult ice cream flavors and kid tested delights, which are as unique and bold as our cuisine. Guided by our motto, “If it’s not sweet, it’s not us,” we’ve crafted a selection of ice cream flavors that combine the best of classic favorites with a grown-up twist. Indulge in our Rum Raisin, Cherry Rum Nut, and Sour Sop, each infused with a touch of Caribbean flair. 

Community and Family: Sweet to Di Belly is more than just a restaurant; it’s a gathering place for friends and family to create lasting memories while enjoying delicious food. We are dedicated to our local community and work tirelessly to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Our team is a family run and owned business, and when you dine with us, you become a cherished part of the Sweet to Di Belly family.

Join us at Sweet to Di Belly, where Arlene’s journey from Jamaica to “give them ice cream” has resulted in a unique culinary experience celebrating the rich flavors of Jamaica and the sweet pleasures of life. Come savor the Caribbean and indulge in our unique ice cream flavors, all under the motto, “If it’s not sweet, it’s not us.” We eagerly await the opportunity to share our passion, culture, and mouth watering creations with you. Your taste buds will thank you.


1228 Walden Ave, Buffalo, NY


716-322-0445 | 716-717-4426



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